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Circular economy and new growth opportunities - Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production and eco-innovation among SMEs are part of the project “European Union for Environment (EU4Environment)”- a regional programme to be implemented in six Eastern partner (EaP) countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine)
The programme will span from 2019-2022

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Funded by European Union the program is implemented by a consortium of international partners, including OECD, UNIDO, UN Environment, UNECE and the World Bank

Georgia, like other Eastern Partnership countries is committed to actively implement the Sustainable Development Goals and other international commitments, including those tackling climate change under the Paris Agreement. In addition, within the framework of the Eastern Partnership, the European Union together with all partners have also agreed to certain targets under the ’20 Deliverables for 2020′. In this context, the EU4Environment programme is supporting the countries to transition towards greener, more efficient and sustainable economies, as well as to addressing environmental challenges. Experience from the European Union (EU) will be systematically used as reference and input for activities and outputs. 

Help the partner countries preserve their natural capital and increase people's environmental well-being by supporting environment-related action, demonstrating and unlocking opportunities for greener growth, and setting mechanisms to better manage environmental risks and impacts 

Target Audiences

SMEs; Central and Local authorities; Public and non-governmental organizations; Universities and research institutions; Donor community & & IFIs;etc.

Greener Decision-Making and Objective

Circular Economy and New Growth

An Environmental Level Playing Field

Ecosystem Services and Livelihoods

Knowledge Sharing and Coordination


Energy Efficiency Centre Georgia (EECG)


Expected outcomes

EECG is the executor of the project component ‘Circular Economy and New Growth Opportunities” covering the themes:
•    Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)
•    Circular economy (CE) & waste management (in cooperation with REC Caucasus)

RECP implementation and scaling up among SMEs:

  • replicating RECP clubs of enterprises in new municipalities and regions; 

  • supporting the institutionalization of RECP services; 

  • extending capacity on RECP among experts and demonstrating it at selected manufacturing enterprises

  • assessing waste sources from industrial activities and identify recycling options (waste to source) where CE models can be demonstrated introducing tools such as “waste maps” on a pilot basis. 

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production and eco-innovation among SMEs scaled up

Expected outputs

  • Built national capacity and RECP demonstration in SMEs (individually & through RECP Clubs);

  • introduced circular economy principles - supporting recycling through waste mapping, in particular the RECP integrated approach will be implemented in Georgian SMEs

Updated: June 03, 2020

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