Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production project in Georgia

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RECP Forums
A series of multi-stakeholder RECP forums is the main means for awareness raising and RECP domestication process. Through the forums the case for RECP is debated and enriched by sharing experiences and perspectives, from enterprises, governments, and civil society at large. This process is further augmented through engagement of media and active distribution of key experiences, statements and messages (written, video) through different information channels, including web site, social media, media statements, etc.

Six consecutive forums were held in the framework of the project in 2015 and 2016. Four of the forums were organized in Tbilisi in cooperation with the Georgian Employers Association; RECP forums were also organized in Zugdidi and Kaspi in cooperation with the respective municipal governments.

Objective of the forums were to introduce to the audience the RECP concept and its approaches, benefits the industrial companies and other organizations may gain through applying RECP; To receive feedback from the stakeholders concerning the barriers and opportunities for wider adoption of RECP practices in Georgian industry.

The forum participants discussed problems and opportunities in Georgian SMEs related to the six environment/resource impact areas:

  • Energy efficiency

  • Materials efficiency

  • Water efficiency

  • Emissions reduction

  • Waste reduction

  • Effluent reduction

RECP project experts explained the importance of the respective topic to the country, and related it back to businesses, in order to encourage responsible company behavior and active contributions to managing the issues at stake; representatives of the companies that have succeeded to address the issues shared good practices/best techniques in waste management, energy efficiency etc., and explained why and how they have adopted these. The stakeholders presented their views on the obstacles, opportunities and actions for widespread application of RECP in Georgian SMEs.






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