Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production project in Georgia

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To harness the potential for economic, environmental and social benefits through widespread RECP implementation, the project supports the mainstreaming and scaling-up of RECP in the beneficiary countries, through the following three clusters of activities:

Train a cadre of national experts in RECP methods and techniques, and develop mechanisms for their service delivery to enterprises and other organizations: International Experts delivered trainings for national experts in RECP methods and techniques, and coached them in the application of such methods in enterprises and other organizations;

• Support enterprises and other organizations in target sectors with implementation of RECP methods and techniques to achieve environmental and economic benefits: detailed RECP assessments have been completed for 18 enterprises in Georgia in subsectors of chemical, agri-food and construction materials production. Implementation results, with associated economic and environmental benefits, have been documented using a standard set of enterprise level indicators, and have been widely disseminated. In parallel awareness and understanding for RECP opportunities and benefits among wider group of stakeholders, including business sector, national and local governments, nongovernmental organizations, academic circles and civil society, are being enhanced.

Support the transfer and deployment of key enabling technologies/equipment for RECP in the target sectors: building on the findings at enterprise level, technology gap analysis has been undertaken in selected companies and common technology needs identified. Appropriate technology solutions will be sourced and promoted, including through development and promotion of business and investment plans.






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