Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production project in Georgia

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RECP Expert Coaching

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) is used as an umbrella term for the application of preventive environmental strategies to achieve the triple aims of production efficiency, environmental management and human development. The RECP Programme builds national capacities, fosters dialogue between industry and government and facilitates investments for the transfer and adaptation of Environmentally Sound Technologies.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has developed the RECP methodology, which is used by specialists of enterprises and experts in the field of environmental management are able to identify sources of losses of all types of resources used by the enterprise, identify the root causes of such losses, develop and assess the feasibility of activities aimed at reducing or completely eliminate the identified resource losses.

RECP training and coaching programme aims to build awareness of its trainees on the principles of the RECP methodology. The RECP programme shall consist of a set of training sessions and coaching activities that will develop RECP capacities among Georgian professionals and demonstrate its benefits at selected production companies.

Purpose and outcomes of the Training

To ensure wider application of RECP in Georgia, the local market of service providers should be developed, including sufficient local capacities and skills.

The purpose of the RECP Training Programme is to provide hands-on experience and advanced training on application of RECP methodology to the demonstration companies team, energy and environmental professionals.

As a result of the training program,our trainees will be able to understand the principles of the methodology and to apply it in manufacturing enterprises.The development of a local expertise is one important mean for ensuring long-term results with continued RECP, as a consequence of UNIDO programme.

Initially, participants of the RECP Programme will need much guidance and support, and the various activities will be implemented in close contact with the international trainers and national implementation partner. They will be trained and familiarized with the different tools (presentations, templates, worksheets etc.). At the end of the Programme period, the trainees will be able to implement all the RECP activities by themselves.

The training programme will give the participants the required capacity to develop their practical In-plant Assessment Reports for RECP projects, developed as a part of the interactive RECP training programme as well as for new projects in the future.

The participants will learn:

• What is RECP

• How to assess efficiency of production processes and identify opportunity areas

• Good RECP practices – energy efficiency, water and material management

• RECP projects development

• Business planning and obtaining financing






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